• Skills Required:
  • Client:

Endor Media was called in to take care of the vinyl printing for the Ramadan shop front. Patchi ensures that every occasion is catered for and have chocolates created for different season’s celebrations.  There are chocolate gifts for weddings, Chinese New Year, Diwali, First Communions, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and for Ramadan.

The specifications for this project and the services that Endor Media saw to were:

  • A very intricately designed gold vinyl sticker that needed to be laser cut and applied to the windows of the shop front
  • Golden vinyl wrapping around 4 steles – boxes which would serve as display surfaces for decor and products
  • And a PVC canvas banner

The project ran very smoothly like melting chocolate and Endor Media was pleased with the outcome. The client was thoroughly impressed as well. Endor aims to boost company brands by assisting in its marketing and appearance.